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Creative Week is a way to see and be seen, to celebrate the scene and the city’s creativity. Be part of this legacy event for Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 bid.

Get involved in five simple steps:

Step 1: Register
. Remember your username, password and the URL to the backend of the site

Step 2: Upload your event
We use WordPress. Don’t be daunted. We’ve had a good look and written a guide for you.

WordPress pros, you know how it goes, but we’ve compiled a cheat sheet just in case you have trouble with the following steps:

  • On the dashboard, click “my events” and choose “add new”.
  • Enter event details, giving the basics and a short description. Please remember to include the details of a contact person.
  • Choose the dates relevant to your event in the tick box to the right.
  • Tag your event so it’s easily found and check the existing tags available for use.

Not sure what form your event should take? It’s up to you. Whatever you think will most ignite your creative community. Lectures, launches, presentations, demonstrations and networking events are a few suggestions, but it’s your choice. Remember, events can involve anything from food to fashion, so go wild! Only bona fide events count – not products or venues that are already open. We will moderate all content at our discretion. Send your enquiries to .

Step 3: Add a picture
Event images are essential; we may choose not to publish an event that doesn’t feature at least one image. Images of invitations are discouraged, however.

  • Click “featured image” in the bottom right corner.
  • Upload your event photo (file size should ideally be less than 1M, and the image should preferably be in landscape orientation).
  • When your image has loaded (wait a while, if your connection is slow) click “set as featured” at the bottom of the load up page, wait again, and then click “save all”. Give it a few seconds to process. You can then close the window, and will see the image featured in your event.

For specifics, please see our helpful guide.

Step 4: Make it public

Click on the blue “submit for review” button in the “publish” box. It will come to us for moderating and we will make it live if all is in order. And when you see it’s live…

Step 5: Tell everyone else about it

We run our own dedicated PR and marketing campaign for Creative Week Cape Town, but telling everyone you know – especially your close and closed networks and friends– about your event will boost attendance.

  • Tell your contacts about Creative Week and your event, post marketing material to your favourite blogs and contact your local media.
  • A Facebook event is incredibly useful, as we can link to it from Creative Cape Town, and you can link to us (use the @ symbol and type in Creative Cape Town, then select it). We have over 7 000 Facebook fans and counting.
  • If you use Twitter, then you can use and check on it regularly to see what else is happening.And you can also alert us by linking to us .
  • We will be promoting the Creative Week heavily in all media – radio, print, electronic as well as via a special September edition of City Views – get it in stores around the central city.

For more tips and helpful ideas on promoting your event, go to the Promote Event page.

Do you have a burning question? Find the answer to our most frequently asked questions. Still unsure? Email us at .

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