The Alley Project: A Community Driven Installation

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, 71-73 Harrington Street, The Fringe 9am-5pm No Charge; RSVP required Caroline Jordan/ / Tel.

Due to this event’s success on Tuesday, it is being continued on Friday September 16th. A participant from Tuesday’s event was so inspired by the project that she will return to continue the installation, and will be on site from 10-4. Please stop by and participate!

Fences are a barrier between those or what is inside, and the people or things that are on the outside. Instead of a blockade, they can be an interface.

Expect to be part of an event that will improve and beautify a space in Harrington street between the BANK and the CCDI – two of Cape Town’s most inspiring, versatile design establishments.

The plan is to create a stunning array of moving COLOUR in an unused alleyway entrance. It will be a wind-activated work on a large metal grid – made by YOU and US and anyone you know.

This collaboration between veteran designer Heath Nash and the talented design duo Thingking was based on a project generated by Thingking earlier this year at the Velokhaya BMX oval in Khayelitsha. At this earlier space, 1800 white repurposed plastic windmills were attached to a fence with blessings written on them. The work was also community driven.

If you have some impact on your environment then you start to feel accountable or responsible for that environment.

The new work for Harrington Street is to be constructed from the bases of MANY colourful bottles – shapes that are left over from Heath Nash’s other repurposed plastic product range “other people’s rubbish”.


It is good to imagine a positive possibility.” -Thingking

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