Studio 41 Creative Exhibition

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Stop firing a shotgun & get single minded about yr Success
41 Glynn street Corner Glynn & Upper Canterbury St 17h30 bring a bottle of wine or 2 / zavick

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Studio 41 is a creative space created by Zavick aka Supadog. The aim of the space is to foster creativity across airy of disciplines. From designer to fine artist, entrepreneur to photographer, fashion to app designer, ect.

How can we share, have fun & get paid for our creative power?

How do I as a creative sell my ideas?

How much do I charge?

Who do I ask for help?

All these questions have been ask by many a creative, writer, designer ect. So Studio 41 will let you show casts & share your idea’s. So please bring along your idea or contact me before hand to set-up or pop in for a cup of tea.

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