Letters from Ann

Letters from Ann

Bertram House was opened as a museum in 1984. It was envisioned as both a specimen of early 19th-century life at the Cape and a monument to English settlers – in the same way Koopmans-de Wet House had been for the Dutch. But unlike the Koopmans-de-Wet, Bertram House was never designed to memorialise a famous or notable owner. In fact, detailed information on the former residents of the Georgian house is relatively excluded, despite the house being the last remaining example of the architectural style in the Cape. Its founding collection, much of what you can still see on display, had come to the house through the generous bequest of Winifred Ann Lidderdale, who had tirelessly championed the cause of this museum. The collection is therefore only representative of the time and not original to the house. In an effort to create a narrative that would both tie the collection to the house and breathe life into its rooms, curator Bianca Packham went in search of the mysterious Ann Bertram Barker, after whom the house had been named.


Iziko Bertram House, Corner of Government Avenue and Orange Street






10:00 - 17:00


R10 (minor); R20 (adult)