Red Carpet

Red Carpet

For our site intervention we intend to use Harrington Square as a proposed location. We would like to explore the historic use of Harrington Square before District Six was altered due to the Apartheid government. Our group discovered that before there was Charly’s Bakery or a car park present in the square there once was a church there called “The Holy Trinity Church”. Our intervention will look at the site as holding historic value and the space as a social and political factor which affects individuals on a daily basis by virtue of it being present. We will also look at the accessibility of the space and by whom. Materials Required: Red Fabric, Maquette of Holy Trinity Church or Spray Paint on the Floor where the church would have been. Implementation of Proposal: We aim to use a red fabric cloth and either a miniature model of the church or work with the minimalist approach by using spray painted words on the floor where the church would have been to give a quick snappy caption detailing information about the church. The fabric will cover the width of the road and lead up to where the church doors would have been originally. Where the fabric ends, there will be either the maquette of the church or spray painted writing on the floor. Intended Outcome of Intervention: We aim to show through the red fabric how people’s lives were altered and displacement occurred. Due to the size of the fabric we hope to catch people’s attention and have them follow it until they get to the square. In this way we hope to look at the issue of accessibility and who feels welcome into that space or not. As one considers the history of the square and the fact that there was a church present before hopefully there can be a reminder of the church’s ethos on being open to all people. We intend for the red carpet to also serve as a reminder of what people would have seen if they walk into some Roman Catholic Churches. In this way we intend for dialogue to be opened up where people can interrogate the current use of the site as opposed to what it was used for before and also to consider who has access to it or not.


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